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Sell Quality, Not Quantity.

BizViz believes that to survive and thrive, online B2B publishers need to sell based on the quality of their audiences, not the quantity.

What B2B publishers have to sell is their audiences. By design, these aren't meant to be the largest audiences. Rather, B2B publishers deliver highly targeted, highly qualified audiences that make decisions and take action. Unfortunately, that's easy to say and hard to prove, especially if most of your website traffic is anonymous.

That's where BizViz comes in.

BizViz provides you with advertiser-specific reports that show your advertisers not only how many times their ads were viewed, but the names and addresses of the companies viewing their ads. And BizViz does the same for advertising click-throughs, requests for information, in fact, any type of site activity that you think is woth monitoring.

And let us say it again: we don't just tell you how many people viewed or clicked; we tell you who viewed and clicked, with full company name, address, company size and NAICS/SIC classification. We change the conversation from "how many" to "who." That's the information your salespeople need to speak to the quality and responsiveness of your audience, to demonstrate your value, and to tell the whole story about what makes you different and better.

BizViz. It's a simple concept, but a field-tested revenue generator that showcases your real value. Take the next step and arrange for an absolutely free BizViz test today.